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Medical Gases

Because the margin for error is zero, we deliver medical gas cylinders that are clean, safe, and reliable.


White High-pressure oxygen & medical gas cylinder

Cylinders for medical oxygen – so you can breathe easily

We design and make the lightest medical cylinders on the market:

  • Steel 10 L 200 BAR weighs 14 % less than aluminum (8.6 KG vs. 10 KG)
  • Steel 5 L 300 BAR cylinder weighs the same as aluminum
    and meets the highest purity standards
  • Comply with ISO 15001

Engineered solutions for where medical gases are mission-critical

Low weight

Compared to competitors in Europe and Asia, our Type 1 steel cylinders are 10-30 percent lighter

Longlife Powercoat for best-in-class corrosion protection
  • Meets strict automotive requirements for corrosion, impact and adhesion resistance
  • Fulfils demands of offshore, medical, food and laboratory industries for durability and aesthetic appeal
  • Sets the industry benchmark: endures vibration + salt-spray test for 5000 hours with only 2 mm delimination
Ultraclean interior - suitable for highest cleanliness standards

Solution Type I

Largest circular footprint in the industry

Footprint = 90 percent of cylinder outside diameter at its widest point Diameter is 24 percent wider than competitors Safer and Easier to transport and handle

Competitor footprint

Layer I Type I

Worthington footprint

Worthington Footprint Type I

Medical Cylinder

Cylinder Range for Medical Gases

Upon customer request we are pleased to offer additional internal treatment options (for example acc. to ISO15001 compatibility with Oxygen or regulation EC 1935/2004 for food gases).

Cylinder TypeWater Capacity (L)Gas TypeWorking Pressure (BAR)Diameter [MM)Length (MM)Weight [KG]Base ShapeNeck Ring
I1High Pressure*200832601.5convexwithout
I2High Pressure*2001003452.3convexwithout
I3High Pressure*2001153953.4convexwithout
I5High Pressure*2001404406.4concavewith
I5High Pressure*2001404405.9concavewith
I5High Pressure*3001404508concavewith
I6.7High Pressure*1661405607.7concavewith
I8High Pressure*20017845011.2concavewith
I8.47High Pressure*1661406959concavewith
I10High Pressure*20014080010.2concavewith
I10High Pressure*2001408009.7concavewith
I10High Pressure*30014082012.8concavewith
I10High Pressure*23016065513.8concavewith
I10High Pressure*20017854513concavewith
I13.4High Pressure*16620456016.5concavewith
I14High Pressure*20017872016concavewith
I20High Pressure*20020478021concavewith
I26.8High Pressure*166204100024.5concavewith
I33High Pressure*300229102043.5concavewith
I40High Pressure*200204144035concavewith
I50High Pressure*200229140541concavewith
I50High Pressure*350229154075concavewith
I50High Pressure*400229158086concavewith
I50High Pressure*300229148561concavewith
II10High Pressure*30018151010.2convex with rubber footwith
II20High Pressure*30021077022.5concavewith
Water Capacity (L)Range (L)*RegulativWorking Pressure (BAR)Test Pressure (BAR)Diameter (MM)Length (MM)Weight (KG)Base ShapeNeck Ring
11 - 1,6 TPED(EN) ISO 9809-1200300832601,5convexwithout
21,5-7TPED(EN) ISO 9809-12003001003453,4concavewith
31,5-7TPED(EN) ISO 9809-12003001004904,5concavewith
53-13,5TPED(EN) ISO 9809-22003001404406,4concavewith
53-13,6TPED(EN) ISO 9809-22003001404355,6concavewith
103-13,5TPED(EN) ISO 9809-220030014080010,2concavewith
103-13,6TPED(EN) ISO 9809-22003001407958,9concavewith
106-16TPED(EN) ISO 9809-120030017854512,6concavewith
106-16TPED(EN) ISO 9809-230045017855515,7concavewith
13,413,4-45TPED(EN) ISO 9809-216625020456016,5concavewith
13,413,4-45TPED(EN) ISO 9809-220030020456516,5concavewith
146-21 TPED(EN) ISO 9809-220030017871514,5concavewith
2012,5-30TPED(EN) ISO 9809-230045020482030,5concavewith
2013,4-45TPED(EN) ISO 9809-220030020478021concavewith
26,812-50TPED(EN) ISO 9809-2166250204100024,5concavewith
3013,4-45TPED(EN) ISO 9809-2166250204110527concavewith
3016-62TPED(EN) ISO 9809-2300450228,494541,5concavewith
3017-70TPED(EN) ISO 9809-220030022989029concavewith
4012-50TPED(EN) ISO 9809-2200300204144035concavewith
4016-62TPED(EN) ISO 9809-2300450228,4121551,5concavewith
4017-70TPED(EN) ISO 9809-2200300229114535concavewith
5015-55TPED(EN) ISO 9809-2400600229156585,5concavewith
5016-60TPED(EN) ISO 9809-2350525229154075concavewith
5016-62TPED(EN) ISO 9809-2300450228,4148561concavewith
5017,5-66TPED(EN) ISO 9809-2166250229141540,5concavewith
5017,5-66TPED(EN) ISO 9809-2200300229140541concavewith
5017-65TPED(EN) ISO 9809-1200300229144548,5concavewith
5018-55TPED(EN) ISO 9809-2414621228,4157589concavewith
67,525-90TPED(EN) ISO 9809-2200300267143059,5concavewith
67,525-91TPED(EN) ISO 9809-2166250267141054concavewith
8025-85TPED(EN) ISO 9809-2300450267175098concavewith
8025-90TPED(EN) ISO 9809-2200300267167068concavewith

* Any size in-between can be offered upon request

Subject to change