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Drop fleet emissions, while enjoying the same range that conventional fuels give trucks and buses.


Need low-to-no emission solutions for your truck, bus or coach fleet? Based on your requirements, we design and produce our on-board fueling systems using our own Type 3 + 4 cylinders and gas-street components.

Sustainable mobility is evolving fast. Whether you need to catch up, keep pace or get ahead, we can help. We create better compressed H2 and CNG containment solutions for storage, transport, and on-board fueling systems. From refueling stations to storage facilities, from cars to busses and trucks, our Type 1-4 cylinders, cylinder systems, and gas-street components help your sustainable mobility program move full speed ahead.

  • Roof-mounted on-board fueling systems with Type 3 and 4


CNG + H2 on-board fueling systems drop urban emissions caused by bus traffic. Featuring Type 3 and Type 4 solutions


Hydrogen: Mobility Pillar Special

See Ing. Radiša Nunić in the H2 View »Mobility Pillar Special« webinar as he discusses technologies and innovations that are driving the development of the H2 mobility sector.

Worthington Webinar

Behind-the-cab on-board fueling systems with Type III and Type IV cylinders


Prepare your business for coming CO2 emissions regulations. Build your sustainability credentials. Put more heavy-duty alternative-fuel vehicles on the road with CNG + H2 on-board fueling systems — featuring Type 3 and Type 4 solutions.

Side-rail mounted on-board fueling systems with Type 3 and 4 cylinders

Side-rail mounted Type 3 and 4 cylinders