Sustainability Success Stories

Success Stories

When it comes to the environment, we’re not perfect, but we’re getting better every day…

Making an effort is not enough. We set goals, adapt our behavior accordingly, and systematically take one step after another … with as small a footprint as possible. That’s how we work every day – for a better tomorrow. Would you like to find out more?

Here is an overview of where we’ve made the news for our commitment to sustainability.

28. September 2023

Worthington Industries Releases 2023 Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability Report

14. February 2023

H2 Dakar Rally Truck: Tough Enough for Daily Logistics

31. January 2023

Timo Snoeren: Hydrogen’s “Net-Zero” Future

28. November 2022

Bavaria and Lower Austria focus on hydrogen

28. October 2022

Pesa’s hydrogen locomotive: First hydrogen runs soon

20. September 2022

Worthington celebrates Grand Opening of Composite facility

24. March 2022

Worthington explains approach to marketing H2 technology

16. December 2021

H2 View Interviews Worthington’s Sustainable Mobility Commercial Team

1. October 2021

Worthington cylinders powering the hydrogen Van Hool bus just delivered to the Brussels public transport company