Our Philosophy


  • Our first corporate goal is to earn money for our shareholders and increase the value of their investment.
  • We believe that the best measurement of the accomplishment of our goal is consistent growth in earnings per share.

Our Golden Rule

  • We treat our customers, employees, investors and suppliers, as we would like to be treated.


  • We are dedicated to the belief that people are our most important asset.
  • We believe people respond to recognition, opportunity to grow and fair compensation.
  • We believe that compensation should be directly related to job. performance and therefore use incentives, profit sharing or otherwise, in every possible situation.
  • From employees we expect an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay
  • We believe in the philosophy of continued employment for all Worthington people.
  • In filling job openings, every effort is expended to find candidates within Worthington, its divisions or subsidiaries.


  • Without the customer and their need for our products and services we have nothing.
  • We will exert every effort to see that the customer’s quality and service requirements are met.
  • Once a commitment is made to a customer, every effort is made to fulfill that obligation.


  • We cannot operate profitably without those who supply the quality materials we need.
  • We ask that suppliers be competitive in the marketplace with regard to quality, pricing, delivery and volume purchased.
  • We are a loyal customer to suppliers who meet our quality and service requirements through all market conditions.


  • We believe in a divisionalized organizational structure with responsibility for performance resting with the head of each operation.
  • All managers are given the operating latitude and authority to accomplish their responsibilities within our corporate goals and objectives.
  • In keeping with this philosophy, we do not create excessive corporate procedures. If procedures are necessary within a particular company operation, that manager creates them.
  • We believe in a small corporate staff and support group to service the needs of our shareholders and operating units as requested.


  • We communicate through every possible channel with our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and financial community.


  • Worthington practices good citizenship at all levels.
  • We conduct our business in a professional and ethical manner.
  • We support worthwhile community causes.


Originally written by Worthington Industries Founder John H. McConnell.