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Worthington Enterprises
Containment systems for hydrogen and industrial gases

We all want to lead, whether we’re working in the mobility, industrial, medical, electronics, food-packaging, construction, or fire + rescue sector. Behind the scenes, compressed gases play a critical role in all these industries. They need to be contained safely and they need to flow smoothly. Whatever your ambition, we can help you use hydrogen and industrial gases in a sustainable way that supports your business’s profitability and decarbonization efforts.


As a global producer of high-quality gas cylinders and systems our approvals in place cover different regions and market requirements. Contact our sales team for further information!


Real solutions for real challenges

What does Worthington actually make?

Space. As much as you need. Under compression. So you can store, transport, and use the mission-critical gases that drive your business upward. Whether hydrogen, CNG or gases for industrial applications, Worthington gives you the space you need to succeed. 


Our Purpose

When it comes to the environment, we’re not perfect… but we’re getting better every day.

Witnessing climate change and its severe consequences for the environment and society at large, change is necessary and urgent. All organizations have a stake in this at every level and must collaborate to have an influential impact. We want to be part of the equation. Sustainability must be at the core of our strategy and everything we do. Our strategy is to differentiate ourselves…

Our Efforts

To achieve climate neutrality tomorrow, we are taking informed, collaborative action today.

Through our Company’s history, we have made every effort to treat our employees and the environments around our facilities with care and respect. 2020 we began coordinating these efforts in a scientific, measurable way. The result: we have committed ourselves in Europe and globally to make year over year improvements on the way to climate neutrality by 2050.

29. May 2024

Worthington Enterprises Announces Planned Acquisition of Hexagon Ragasco and Sustainable Energy Solutions Joint Venture with Hexagon Composites

17. April 2024

Collaboration Accelerates Design and Manufacturing of Compressed Hydrogen Transport Technology

26. February 2024

Worthington’s company canteen focuses on sustainability