Markets Hydrogen


Why H2? Because it’s the element needed to complete any well rounded clean-fuel strategy.

Harnessing the First Element

From offloading H2 at the generation site into the skies – you can count on Worthington

The list our systems proven in the field is long and growing: trains, planes, buses, trucks, personal vehicles, home-power systems… 

Whether you need storage + transport solutions, onboard fueling systems for buses, trucks, cars, trains, plains, ships + utility vehicles, or a digital services platform to ensure your equipment performs the best it can, we work with you from design and prodution to after-delivery services. 

Test Flight Sets Milestone for Aviation Industry

Universal Hydrogen has successfully flown an airplane powered by the largest hydrogen fuel cell ever to fly. This is a major milestone for the startup company, whose business model aims to develop a hydrogen-based aviation ecosystem.

Worthington Enterprises supplied a total of 115 PTEC parts for the plane, including: on-tank valves, inline solenoid valves, thermal pressure relief devices (TPRDs), receptacles and check valves. These valves and components control the flow of gas between the plan’s hydrogen fuel tanks and the fuel cell.