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On land, by water, or in the air, we lead the way in engineering and producing clean fuel systems.

Pesa Pushes Forward...

… with a hydrogen onboard fueling system engineered by Worthington

In 2022, PESA, Poland’s largest train and tram manufacturer, designed and built a hydrogen-powered shunting locomotive with the goal of supporting clean railyard operations.
Partnering with Worthington, PESA successfully put into service the emission-free locomotive, which refuels at a hydrogen refueling station located in the train depot. This first locomotive reduces carbon emissions caused by shunting operations by one thousand tons annually. With plans to produce many more H2 shunting locomotives, the impact of H2 shunting locomotives will continue to grow year over year.

Aviation and maritime customers also turn to Worthington

This year our PTEC components helped aviation company Universal Hydrogen pilot a successful hydrogen-powered flight.

Our purpose is to empower companies like these to make all modes of transit cleaner with hydrogen.