Collaboration Accelerates Design and Manufacturing of Compressed Hydrogen Transport Technology


Collaboration Accelerates Design and Manufacturing of Compressed Hydrogen Transport Technology

STOKOTA and Worthington Enterprises join capabilities to ramp up production of 20-ft containers

Using hydrogen technologies to decarbonize the mobility sector requires large-scale modifications to vehicle manufacturing and fueling infrastructure. Collaboration can help the transformation to clean mobility achieve sufficient velocity; however, this requires not just heavy capital investment, but also a shift in mindset. Historically, players in the automotive value chain have seen guarding design and production strengths as the only way to hold and expand market share against competitors.

On the hydrogen landscape STOKOTA and Worthington see a different dynamic at work. Shared expertise offers the means to win market share faster on the hydrogen landscape, which still offers ample open real estate. Therefore, the two companies have matched production strengths in the design and assembly of hydrogen transport and storage systems.

For over a decade, Worthington Enterprises has pursued a business strategy to offer the clean-fuel mobility market the capacity needed for hydrogen and CNG onboard fueling systems as wells as the necessary storage, transport, and refueling infrastructure. STOKOTA, a leader in the production of specialized tank vehicles for fuel transport, sees hydrogen transport as the next step in expanding the company’s core competence.

Two years ago, STOKOTA began developing transport solutions for compressed hydrogen. Decision makers started with an analysis of solutions and opportunities available on the market, at the conclusion of which they selected Worthington as a well-suited partner in generating business synergies through long-term cooperation. “Our own strengths in building road-ready, certified tank vehicles coupled with Worthington’s knowhow in designing and producing composite high-pressure cylinders and gas-street components will result in a high-end product – a container for the transportation of compressed hydrogen,” explained Wim De Gendt, CEO STOKOTA.

From the Worthington side, Ekaterina Levitskaia, Product Manager I Gas Containment Systems, added: “The quality and safety record that STOKOTA has in making fuel transport solutions convinced us that a long-term collaboration would bring many mutual benefits and allow both companies to focus on what they’re best at. Our experience in building compressed H2 cylinders and our multi-generational approach to product research and development will contribute to a healthy collaboration for years to come.”

Geography also played a role in combining design and production strengths. STOKOTA has two facilities in Poland near Worthington’s plant in Słupsk, Poland. This will bring the advantage of shortening and securing the supply chain, and help ensure that the companies deliver their first co-produced systems – two 20-foot containers for transporting hydrogen at 380 bar – later this year.

About Worthington

Worthington Enterprises Europe is the largest designer and manufacturer of pressure vessels in the region with over 1,600 employees working at facilities in Austria, Poland and Portugal. Worthington is the first in its industry to incorporate sustainable practices into its long-term business strategy. 

With the lightest composite and steel low- and high-pressure cylinders available, Worthington designs and makes solutions for technical gases, industrial gases, and alternative fuels. The Company invests strategically in production facilities that serve the sustainable mobility market with gas-storage, transport and onboard fueling systems for cars, buses, trucks and more.

Worthington Enterprises (NYSE: WOR) is a designer and manufacturer of market-leading brands that help enable people to live safer, healthier and more expressive lives. Worthington Enterprises operates with three segments: Building Products, Consumer Products and Sustainable Energy Solutions. Worthington’s emphasis on innovation and transformation extends to building products including water systems, heating and cooling solutions, architectural and acoustical grid ceilings and metal framing and accessories, and consumer products in tools, outdoor living and celebrations categories sold under brand names Coleman®, Bernzomatic®, Balloon Time®, Level5 Tools®, Mag Torch®, Well-X-Trol®, General®, Garden-Weasel®, Pactool International® and Hawkeye™. Worthington Enterprises also serves the growing global hydrogen ecosystem through on-board fueling systems and gas containment solutions.

Founded in 1955 as Worthington Industries, Worthington Enterprises follows a people-first Philosophy with earning money for its shareholders as its first corporate goal. Worthington Enterprises achieves this outcome by empowering its employees to innovate, thrive and grow with leading brands in attractive markets that improve everyday life. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Worthington Enterprises employs approximately 5,000 people throughout North America and Europe. Worthington Enterprises engages deeply with local communities where it has operations through volunteer efforts and The Worthington Companies Foundation, participates actively in workforce development programs and reports annually on its corporate citizenship and sustainability efforts. For more information, visit

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About STOKOTA Group

Stokota Group, established in 1963, currently operates 2 plants in Poland, with the headquarters based in Lokeren, Belgium. With an annual turnover of more than 40 million Euro and more than 300 employees, Stokota produces annually more than 400 vehicles for transportation of fuel, aviation fuelling vehicles and Waste§Cleaning vehicles.

In 2023, Stokota invested in a state-of-the-art production facility for the expansion of the production of LPG units, bringing the maximum output per year to more than 200 units for transportation of LPG.

Living up to our company motto “Road Sense for Tomorrow”,each year, Stokota spends a significant budget on R§D, providing the market with cutting edge solutions

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