New Product Development


New Product Development

Because not everyone is a powerlifter

50 L 200 BAR 41 KG

We exist to drive progress. Our products are a result of this.
We share each new innovation with you, our customer, so you
have more gas-packaging possibilities within reach.

Because not everyone is a powerlifter

We’ve made the lightest cylinder on the market even lighter!
Work better and breathe easier with our new 50 L 200 BAR cylinder that weighs only 41 KG.

feather-light 41 KG Worthington cylinder

What is new?

  • a feather-light 41 KG
  • optimized height including a flatter shoulder

Your Advantages

  • greater Efficiency: Easier handling at all touch points
    – filling, use, maintenance, transport
  • lower transportation costs
  • lower CO2 emissions

Tried and tested

  • unbeatable overall quality
  • excellent inner surface
  • LongLife PowerCoat for highest corrosion protection and durability
  • lightest steel cylinder in the industry
  • largest circular footprint in the industry
  • on-time delivery
  • fast response times
Water Capacity [L]TypeWorking Pressure [BAR]Diameter [MM]Length [MM]Weight [KG]TPED/PED




TPED concave