H2 Dakar Rally Truck: Tough Enough for Daily Logistics


H2 Dakar Rally Truck: Tough Enough for Daily Logistics

Worthington helps Evarm deliver proof of concept for heavy-duty H2 combustion truck

Vienna 2023 – When Xavier Ribas, CEO of Barcelona-based Evarm, wanted to prove that hydrogen combustion engines were fit for zero-emissions daily logistics, he took a unique approach. Rather than running a pilot vehicle on a set route under standard conditions, he decided to put his retrofitted H2 concept vehicle, the KH-7 Epsilon rally truck, through a worst-case scenario: The 2023 Dakar Desert Rally.

Worthington supplied twin COM3T Type 3-205 L 350 BAR cylinders for Evarm’s retrofitted KH-7 Epsilon Dakar Rally truck. In addition, PTEC, a Worthington Industries company, delivered essential gas street components for the fueling system: DOCK on-tank val ves, solenoid valves, and TPRD plugs.

For 15 days in January 2023, dunes and desert would try to stop the 800-horsepower vehicle, built on a MAN TGA 26.480 truck chassis. Competing against T.5.1 and T.5.2 trucks, drivers would be pushing the KH-7 Epsilon 500-600 km per day across some of the world’s most rugged terrain. Ribas knew that success depended on many things. At the top of the list was the fueling system: twin high-pressure hydrogen cylinders that could weather changing temperatures and the shocks of the unpaved course. This is why he turned to Worthington.

To contain the 10 kg of hydrogen needed to cover the daily distances, Worthington engineers recommended COM3T Type 3-205 L 350 BAR cylinders. In addition, they consulted on installing the cylinders with gas street components from PTEC Pressure Technology, a Worthington Industries company – such as DOCK on-tank valves, TPRD plugs, and solenoid valves.

Evarm’s vehicle design and Worthington’s hydrogen cylinders and gas street components ensured that, even under desert conditions, refueling would be simple, reliable, and fast – taking only four to six minutes.

Smart designers and engineers plus an experienced team of drivers turned the KH-7 Epsilon truck into a mobile laboratory, where Evarm tested the limits of hydrogen-fueled mobility. Even the truck flipped on day 13 – Friday the 13th – the integrity of vehicle and fuel system held. Repairs lasted a little more than a day and the truck was back in the race – the experiment continued. After over two weeks in the desert, the KH-7 Epsilon crossed the finish line – becoming the first-ever hydrogen-powered vehicle to complete the Dakar Desert Rally in the new category “Challenge New Energy.”

While many electric vehicles failed to finish, Evarm’s truck, fueled by Worthington COM3T H2 cylinders, delivered success on the world’s toughest testing grounds. With the test of Dakar in the rearview mirror, Evarm and Worthington will focus on the next challenge: converting heavy-duty vehicles into zero-emission H2 delivery trucks at scale.

Learn more about Evarm here.

Barcelona-based Evarm’s 800-horsepower vehicle, built on a MAN TGA 26.480 truck chassis, raced for 15 days across dunes and desert – covering 500-600 km per day.
On day 15, Evarm’s KH-7 Epsilon crossed the finish line – becoming the first-ever hydrogen-powered vehicle to complete the Dakar Desert Rally in the new category “Challenge New Energy.”

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